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Cast Polyurethane Resin

Design Options

Resin casting is perfect for quickly and precicely reproducing complex shapes. The repeatability and pleasant, balanced weight of resin cast handles makes for a high-quality and cost-effective tap marker.

Standard White Resin

Our white resin is the staple of our plastics department. Sturdy and nicely weighted, this plastic always gets a painted finish.

Clear Resin

Our Clear resin with a gloss or satin coat can simulate glass and offer exciting optic effects!

Dyed Resin

Dye additives can assist in creating striking transparencies in clear resin, available in a wide range of colors and opacity.

Special Mediums

We work in a wide variety of polymers to acheive different flexibilites and textures in our cast resin products.

In-House Design Services

We offer free design consultation for Brewers and Breweries of all sizes. Start talking to us today and we will walk you through the process from conception to completion! Learn More


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